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Hacking Scala

#scala #hacking

April 28, 2013 at 2:45am

Scalaz - Resources For Beginners

Scalaz is very interesting Scala library. It can be pretty scary when you first look at it and at examples of it’s usage. I also find, that at the beginning, advantages of this library are not very obvious. So at some point I asked myself: why are people so enthusiastic about it? So I started to learn it, but found that it’s hard to find any resources that are targeting beginners - people who are new to Haskell, Category Theory, or advanced Scala features like Type Classes or Higher Kinds.

In this post I want to summarize all resources I found about scalaz or related to scalaz that are actually approachable by beginners. I started with question at StackOverflow where I received many good answers. I also noticed, that this question was pretty popular, so I decided to write this post where I can summarize the answers and maybe add something more.

I personally believe that even if you don’t completely understand every aspect of scalaz yet (I’m definitely not), it still can help you to write a better code. As far as I can can see, it helps to write more composable, reusable and side-effect free code. But in order to use it, you need to understand some key concepts that it heavily relies on. So let’s start with …

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Every Project Needs a Home


Recently I created home page for my project Scaldi. I wanted to make it for a long time, but from the other hand I don’t want to spend much time finding some hosting and maintaining its infrastructure, making page design, etc. Github page is nice, but still I would like to have somethng more simple and unique as a project’s front page. So my main goals were:

  • Use very nice feature of Github - gh-pages to host my pages
  • Use markdown to create my pages without spending much time making page design
  • Design that comes out-of-box should be clean and pretty
  • Integrate pages generation and publishing in SBT build process

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