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Hacking Scala

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April 28, 2013 at 4:03pm

Introductory Scala Presentation

Recently I gave introductory tech talk about Scala at my company. The target audience were mostly Java developers. So I tried to give some impression about Scala that, from one hand, tries to explain basics, but from other hand, tries to motivate people to learn Scala further.

Presentation consists of two parts, which I believe are very important for any project and team:

  • Language features - Scala has a lot of them, so I tried to show highlights and made some comparisons to Java
  • Scalability - it can be viewed from different perspectives, so I tried to show some of them

A feedback I received was very positive, so I decided to share this presentation with you. Please feel free to share, copy and modify it for your needs. I really hope it will help you to move Scala adoption forward in your organization!

And as always, your feedback is highly appreciated!


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